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American corporations are paying their fair share - to international tax havens

Business Insider 20 Apr 2021
Right now, US multinational companies are reporting the majority of their foreign profits in tax havens. A global minimum tax would make taxes around the world more uniform for those companies ... The truth is multinationals are still paying taxes, but they're increasingly paying into international tax havens such as Bermuda and Singapore.

Dutch ready to support US move to reform global corporate tax regime

The Irish Times 20 Apr 2021
In one example in 2019, San Francisco-based Uber Technologies responded to a European crackdown on offshore tax havens by ... The Tax Justice Network this year labeled the country the world’s fourth-biggest tax haven after the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

David Cameron is accused of 'deep hypocrisy' over his chairmanship of tech firm based in ...

The Daily Mail 17 Apr 2021
David Cameron is facing yet more scrutiny over his role at a software firm based in 'offshore tax haven', Bermuda ... The company is based in Bermuda - which was dubbed the 'world's worst corporate tax haven' in 2016 by Oxfam ... regard their low-tax regimes as vital to their economies.

Ex-PM adviser to firm based in ‘worst tax haven’

The Times/The Sunday Times 17 Apr 2021
David Cameron has been accused of “deep hypocrisy” over his chairmanship role at a technology company based in the “world’s worst tax haven” ... of lower tax rates.

USA: Financial pressure continues on minimum corporate tax

Swords Today 16 Apr 2021
The pressure on the U.S.’s lowest global corporate tax continues ... It does not want to exclude the US from global tax competition ... Clearly, the implementation of this plan will have positive effects, as it is linked to various tax bases around the world and the European Union ... The city is one of the largest tax havens in the world.

Yours for £175million - a temple to bad taste: For years it's been a bejewelled ...

The Daily Mail 16 Apr 2021
As Nicholas Shaxson, a leading expert on tax havens once wrote, the fact that such properties as Apartment B.10.01 of the famous One Hyde Park development (pictured) even exist is 'a rather grotesque symbol of the UK's willingness to prostitute itself to the world's hot and dirty money'.

Joe Biden's corporate tax purge could bankrupt Irish unity project

Belfast Telegraph 15 Apr 2021
That would hit tax havens around the world and would have a major impact on the Irish Republic, which is one of the world's seven big tax havens ... Indeed, much of the Irish economy is built on having made the Republic not just one of the seven big tax havens, but the world's largest corporate tax haven.

A Nobel-prize winning economist says we shouldn't tax the wealthy because they'd find a way ...

Business Insider 12 Apr 2021
Wealth taxes have become an increasingly prominent topic as ... The US, where Warren has been continually pushing for a more permanent wealth tax to address inequality, has become a leading tax haven for the world's richest.One-off wealth taxes have gained traction recently.

Joe Biden wants to put the world's corporate tax havens out of business.

TheNewsHOOK 10 Apr 2021
Joe Biden wants to put the world's corporate tax havens out of business ....

How would a global minimum tax work and why is it needed?

The Guardian 09 Apr 2021
The Biden administration wants to end profit-shifting to tax havens by big tech firms ...

Yellen pushes countries to 'give up the game' on corporate taxes

Urdu Point 08 Apr 2021
The tax plan incentivizes the whole world to give up the game," Yellen told reporters ... "We've made that clear to our European counterparts that we will not support a tax that is discriminatory towards American companies, but we do support taxation to make sure that companies have to pay a level rate throughout the world.

Biden Calls for Global Minimium Tax Rate to Target US Companies In Tax Havens

The Epoch Times 08 Apr 2021
tax burden by shifting profits to low-rate tax havens. "I’ve also proposed a global minimum tax, which is being proposed around the world for U.S ... in tax havens," the president added.

Biden proposes global reforms to end ‘profit shifting’ to tax havens

The Observer 08 Apr 2021
The world’s largest economy has long resisted calls for the global treaties that tax reformers argued were needed to ensure that powerful multinational companies pay their fair share of taxes ...What the US has put on the table … [is saying] we want the rest of the world to follow, we kill tax havens.

Biden Open to Compromise With Republicans on $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Hamodia 08 Apr 2021
... taxes for three years ... The Treasury report included an analysis showing a rising share of income from multinational corporations ending up in tax havens, along with data showing only a handful of countries in the world collect less revenue from corporations than the United States.