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Trump Bond’s Cayman Connection ‘Stinks to High Heaven’

The Daily Beast 12 Apr 2024
... that it’s based in the Cayman Islands, a notorious tax haven—the concerns are just piling up ... 2 best tax haven in the world, scoring a perfect 100 but losing to the British Virgin Islands.

Baltimore disaster cargo ship company linked to tax haven, worker exploitation

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 27 Mar 2024
The chequered record of the ship's owner in the Baltimore bridge tragedy offers a glimpse of the "murky world" of tax havens and worker exploitation in global shipping ... .

Qatari royal invested about $50 million in pro-Trump network Newsmax

Detroit news 26 Mar 2024
Qatar is also the primary funder of Al Jazeera, one of the most influential media networks in the Arab world ... Sultan reaped economic benefits from holding the investment in the Cayman Islands, one of the world’s most prominent offshore havens.

Desirable Deserts: Dubai and Abu Dhabi Lure Affluent Property Seekers with Bargain Basement Luxury

The Arabian Post 24 Mar 2024
The emirate has cultivated an image of sophisticated living, boasting world-class amenities, a thriving business environment, and a tax-friendly haven.

On retirement, Sanders delivers a litany of misrepresentation

The Hill 22 Mar 2024
As chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Sen ... So it’s rock solid, right?. In fact, not at all ... senior has the second-highest disposable income in the world, trailing just the tax-haven city-state of Luxembourg ... Sen ... ....

Israel homing in on citizens doing business in Cyprus

CyprusMail 20 Mar 2024
“In recent years, Cyprus has become an attractive destination, among other things thanks to a taxation policy that has earned it the title of ‘one of the last tax havens in the world’,” the source told Globes.

Threats and Betrayals: King of the Jungle, Episode 6

The American Spectator 09 Mar 2024
He told me he had Ishgan and Janaroo behind the idea of turning Guyana into the world’s biggest tax haven, more or less like a Switzerland of the New World; after all, the oil revenue would be more ...

Taxpayers may face up to 7 years in prison for not disclosing offshore assets in ITR

Financial Express 06 Mar 2024
A few years back, in the aftermath of various data leaks from banks in tax havens across the world, India had introduced the ‘the Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of ...

Brazil’s finance minister proposes global tax on the super-rich at G20 meeting in Sao Paulo

Wtop 01 Mar 2024
According to a 2023 study by advocacy group Tax Justice Network, countries around the world could lose up to $4.8 trillion in tax revenue over the next decade due to tax havens ...There are fewer taxes on assets today than two or three decades ago.

Britain changed its former colonial territories into financial enclaves

Mail Guardian South Africa 22 Feb 2024
Second, a post-imperial network of British “satellite” tax havens developed around the world, for example, the Cayman Islands ... Mainly British-controlled tax havens continue to syphon trillions from the developing world to these quasi-states.

A united Ireland is closer than ever. Let’s make it a paradise for all of us, not just corporate tax-dodgers

The Observer 19 Feb 2024
This type of reunification would also involve the expansion of an unapologetic “tax haven”, according . Is this the type of state that Irish people want to live in and to project to the world?skip past newsletter promotion.

Should you expect a lower tax refund this year? Here's what the IRS says

NBC Bay Area 17 Feb 2024
Last year, tax season began a little earlier - on Jan ... Many people who typically file early — such as earned income tax recipients and child tax credit recipients — still haven't filed, he said ... & World.

Sanders: Gaza is 'one of the great humanitarian disasters'

RTE 15 Feb 2024
... that you have billionaires not only not paying their fair share of taxes in a given country, but stashing what amounts to trillions of dollars in tax havens all over the world is, is outrageous.".

Pandora Papers: ED probe names Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Ambani among offshore firm owners

Hindustan Times 05 Feb 2024
The Pandora Papers refer to a collection of at least 12 million confidential files, revealing secret offshore financial dealings and alleged tax havens involving various world leaders, politicians, ...

Financial Focus: Treasury bonds still safe for investors

Vail Daily 02 Feb 2024
And Treasury securities are still considered among the safest investments in the world, as they are secured by the full faith and credit — that is, the ability to borrow and tax — of the United States ... Taxes.